The Dairy Free Movement Is Growing...

Quotes & Support

I choose plant milks because they taste good, they last longer in the fridge, they don’t create mucus, which is terrific for me as an actor, and most import of all they are not cruelly sourced - no animal abuse involved!’

Peter Egan

My favourite dairy free milk is hemp milk because it's cruelty free, high in essential amino acids, b12 and calcium’

Anthony Mullally

Dairy cows must ‘just want to hide, but there's not any corner of comfort or peace in any part of their lives’

Evanna Lynch (Animal Equality Film)

‘As a mother, I can’t imagine what it would be like to have my children taken away from me but this is what happens to cows on dairy farms every single day. No mother or baby deserves that suffering and you can help them simply by choosing plant-based alternatives...’

Thandie Newton (PETA)


‘I got to a point ...  where the guilt of eating and wearing animal products was no longer outweighed by the ease of doing so. I made the decision and just tapped out and have felt a million times better mentally and physically since. I was living with a constant feeling of disappointment in myself for continuing to do something I felt was wrong.’

Carl Donnelly

‘Rice milk is quite sweet but it’s the creamiest substitute milk, it’s made out of rice obviously but that is the closest thing I would say you can get to milk. I think rice milk is one of the things people should tell you about.’ 

Laurie Vincent, Slaves

As someone who loves animals, when I hear about a process that involves animal cruelty, I no longer want to be associated with it. Aside from the animal cruelty aspect of the meat/dairy industries, there are many health benefits associated with turning vegan, much to many people’s surprise.

Lucy Watson

‘Sainbury’s has just brought out a range of vegan cheeses so this revolution is happening now, whether anyone likes it or not... Climate change means it has to happen and for our own health it has to happen. And ultimately, it’s going to be really awkward if we keep eating other animals.’

Simon Amstell

When I stopped [eating dairy], when I became vegan, my skin cleared up and my voice... I would have mucus-y things going on, and that’s all to do with dairy. So I feel much better. I feel I have got more energy. I feel cleaner. I feel younger.’

Alan Cumming (PETA)

‘...while some people can have pre-conceptions about what vegans are like (preachy, judgemental, angry, paper thin with no energy) it is the thing I like most about myself. And every day, I feel I do an incremental very small piece of goodness. And oddly I have found that it has led to me feeling more compassionate in all areas of my life.

Sara Pascoe

‘These slaughterhouses, dairies and piggeries, zoos. It’s cruel and it’s speciesism (the idea humans have greater moral rights than animals) at its very worst and I don’t want to be part of it. “Hopefully one day the dairy industry can be shut down. I think it’s disgusting and wrong on so many levels. Slaughterhouses too.’

Jason Gillespie

‘I am a firm believer in eating a full plant-based, whole food diet that can expand your life length and make you an all-around happier person.’

Ariana Grande

‘while expressing my milk [I] realised that the equivalent for cows is my milk going to the mouths of people who murder and eat my family’

Ellen Degeneres

‘Humans are the only species that drinks the milk of another animal. In so doing, we’ve created an industry that tears babies away from their mothers.’

Jasmine Harman (PETA)

After cutting out dairy in college, I stopped needing antibiotics and constantly having sinus infections and colds. My seasonal allergies improved tremendously.

Mayim Bialik

‘Soon after I went vegan, I saw some documentary footage of what happens in the factory farming of cows… It sealed the deal.’

 Anthony Kiedis