Rebel Mylk are officially carbon neutral!

Rebel Mylk are officially carbon neutral!

Following World Plant Milk Day, Rebel Kitchen, the proud creators of Rebel Mylk, have announced that they are officially carbon neutral.

For those of you that haven’t heard of Rebel Kitchen, they are leaders in the plant-based category and have created a dairy-free alternative that looks and tastes just like dairy milk. They are committed to sustainability, as a Certified B Corporation, a 1% for the Planet member, and now a carbon neutral company.


Earlier this year, Rebel Kitchen made a commitment to becoming carbon neutral by 2025. They aimed to address their footprint through the core areas of transparent supply chains, regenerative organic agriculture, ‘reduce, reuse, recycle, reimagine’, community, and healthy humans.

Working with Carbon Analytics –  a company which helps businesses to measure their entire carbon footprint –  Rebel Kitchen was able to track the carbon footprint of every part of their business. From purchasing ingredients, transporting goods, and manufacturing to packaging and even the coffee cups used at their trade shows, every base was covered.

Rebel Kitchen thought that it would take five years to achieve their goal, but within just six months they have offset their business-wide footprint for 2018-2019 and have officially been certified as carbon neutral by Carbon Analytics.


They’ve also partnered with two Verified Carbon Standard projects in Peru –  PUR Project and Ecosphere. Both organisations are working to protect the Amazon rainforest, to regenerate degraded ecosystems, and to support community-driven programmes that grant tens of thousands of people access to basic services such as healthcare, sanitation, and education.


Before any of this began, Rebel Kitchen were working hard to spread the word about the importance of switching to plant-based living. Coming from a perspective of health and eating food that grows in and comes from nature, on World Milk Day 2018, they launched a takeover to celebrate their own dairy-free alternative, which they called #WORLDMYLKDAY. To honour it, they delivered thousands of bottles of Mylk to homes all over London, giving Londoners the chance to wake up to a fresh bottle of Mylk on their doorstep, just like the good old days.


In 2018, we joined forces with Plant Based News to set up this international campaign that aims to raise awareness of the incredible benefits of plant milk, including the fact that the consumption and production of plant-based milk is better for our health, the environment, and animal welfare.

A year on, and more and more people around the world are choosing to drink plant-based milk. This is no wonder, given that choosing a dairy-alternative is one of the most significant steps you can take to reduce your impact on the planet and offset your own carbon footprint!

If you’re keen to join the millions of people around the world who are choosing the more sustainable alternative of plant milk, why not start by signing up to the 7 Day Dairy Free Challenge?