'At 50 I Still Have More Energy Than I Know What To Do With'

I was 17 years old and at a point where my period pain was so painful that two days a month I could not do anything.

I had acne so bad, boils and all, that it looked like I had burned myself. I was always tired, always seemed to have a headache and bad breath and gas. A Real Prize.

I gave up dairy 100 percent and within three months my acne cleared up, all of a sudden I had more energy than I knew what to do with, my head felt clear and I got my first pain-free period without bloating ever!

I loved my new dairy-free life. After six months, I went from being 160 lbs down to 125lbs. After eight months without cheese, I went to a friend's and had a piece of pizza to be 'social'. Within minutes my tongue felt thick, I threw up and I got a headache that lasted two days.

So I gave up dairy and after studying a bit more I even decided to also give up animal meat, processed sugars, eggs and white flour too. Then I tried to find friends that were comfortable with my diet changes because back in the early 80s it was a challenge to eat differently than the mainstream.

It is way easier to change today. Even seeing how drastic my health changes were did not encourage anyone I knew at the time to make any changes.

I was labeled as 'weird'.

Now many of these people I used to know have battled a number of diet and health related problems. I still have no headache and have more energy then I know what to do with.

I am 50 years old (and I Do Not Pee when I laugh!). I raised three kids on the same strict diet, and I can honestly say they never had and childhood health issues at all. If you have acne or weight issues, I encourage you to try giving up dairy.

Please note: Do not use this personal story in place of proper medical advice - always consult a healthcare professional.

World Plant Milk Day is calling on people to sign our 7-day dairy-free challenge. Already ditched dairy? Nominate your friends and family to take part! Find out more here