I was a lifelong lacto-ovo vegetarian.

While I avoided meat, growing up my days were filled with scrambled eggs with cheese, macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese, mozzarella sticks, pizza, ice-cream, buttery toast, buttery pancakes, buttery bagels, and so much more.

You name it, anything with cheese and refined grains I was all about it.

I also had chronic asthma and allergies as a child into adulthood. I've been on just about every type of inhaler, nebulizer, pill, or shot invented for asthma/allergies. About once a year on average I'd be put on antibiotics for upper respiratory infections.

In high school, I could never finish the mile run in the annual fit test.

At age 30, I finally made the decision to go fully plant-based. Since then, I quickly got off all asthma meds and ran my first half marathon. This year I'm training for a full marathon distance. My skin is also more clear than ever. My energy increased. I used to get severe heartburn, but no longer. Overall, I feel more youthful and gained a sense of clarity.

Not to mention, I lost a lot of weight! Almost an afterthought.

Please note: Do not use this personal story in place of proper medical advice - always consult a healthcare professional.

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