I gave up dairy when I became vegan. Since the age of 16, I had chronic headaches and frequent migraines. Every day was a headache day and after trying every drug my doctor threw at me with unpleasant side effects, I finally just decided to deal with the pain, drug-free.  

My condition impacted everything from relationships to work to studies.

At the age of 25, I came across some information on YouTube that suggested dairy was connected to inflammation and headaches. I decided to give it up on a trial basis (I was a milk and cheese fanatic) and the results were almost immediate so I never looked back.

I went from getting headaches and migraines regularly to getting headaches about three times a month and migraines almost never. Not only did my chronic headaches improve dramatically, but my acne-prone skin cleared up completely, I don't get heartburn anymore, I sleep better, my digestion is better, and I lost about 30lb (giving up all animal products).

Now three years later, I'm dairy-free for my health and the animals that are used and abused in the dairy industry. I wish my doctors would have suggested it sooner.

Please note: Do not use this personal story in place of proper medical advice - always consult a healthcare professional.

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