I went vegan 10 days ago. I know it doesn't sound like much - so here's the backstory.

Last August in 2017 our family went camping. We downloaded a couple of movies on the tablet to watch together. One was a documentary called What the Health. We watched it as a family, and it changed our lives forever.

When we got home from our trip, we purged a lot of the food in the house. Everything dairy. Everything meat. Everything with animal products. My husband has been vegan since - nearly 10 months now. I however, was addicted to cheese and butter chicken. The kids complained heavily. I fell backwards.

My mother-in-law who is a Registered Nurse said that I couldn't do that to my kids [make them plant-based]. Long story short, my husband stayed vegan, the kids and I did not. That being said, my husband is the cook in this house, so at least one-third of our meals have been completely vegan since last August.

We've done research. We found a paediatrician who gave us a letter stating that a vegan diet can be much more healthy than the average American diet.

We showed that to my mother-in-law. She backed off. My husband's dad started being supportive. My husband's aunt has been supportive all along, making excellent vegan treats and meals for us. With my husband being the cook in the house I rarely bought meat again since last August because it makes me nauseous to touch it or smell it or cook it.

So, we went from a family who ate meat three times a day to a family who ate it only sometimes. Full circle back to vegan. I am 100 percent dedicated to this...I plan to embrace it wholeheartedly.

My husband has been truly inspiring. As for how I feel...freaking amazing. I have energy I didn’t know existed! I've been doing it 10 days, and I'm down seven pounds. My heart rate has slowed down. My food cravings are gone. My daily nausea is gone. My headaches are nearly non-existent. My mood has improved. My sluggishness is pretty much gone. My sex drive improved. I feel great.

Please note: Do not use this personal story in place of proper medical advice - always consult a healthcare professional.

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